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For Amazon authors, it’s no longer about how many books you sell, but whether you can hook your reader. Amazon Will Soon Start Paying Authors Based on e-Book Pages Read […]

3 This is Scandinavia’s largest library and it’s powered by the sun Scandinavia’s largest library designed by schmidt hammer lassen will open tomorrow.

E esta, hein? The Birthday Word Generator helps you find a word that began around the same time you did. Find Your Birthday Word at Oxford Dictionaries

October 22, 1964: Jean-Paul Sartre Becomes the First Person to Decline the Nobel Prize "A writer who adopts political, social, or literary positions must act only with the means that […]

Jogar e aprender é muito mais do que uma brincadeira – Portugal – DN Na era dos tablets, há brinquedos que resistiram gerações e ainda são indispensáveis. Tudo passa pela […]